Panos H. Koutras

Born in Athens, Panos studied in London at the “London International Film School” and then in Paris at the “Sorbonne”. […]

Lucrecia Martel

Born in 1966 in Salta in the North of Argentina, Lucrecia Martel settled down in Buenos Aires where she attended […]

Adrian Sitaru

After studying Film Directing in Bucharest, Adrian made the short film WAVES (2007), scriptwriter and director which won the Golden […]

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2 weeks ago

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🇭🇰 Starting from tomorrow, 香港國際電影節 Hong Kong International Film Festival - HKIFF will be hosting the Asian Premiere of DISTRICT TERMINAL, directed by Bardia Yadegari and Ehsan Mirhosseini.

After a successful Berlinale, the festival career is taking off! Congratulations to the whole team 👏👏👏

#HKIFF45德黑蘭爆發疫症,倖存者不離開就要被隔離,接受官方全天候監控。努力做好 自己的詩人,身罹毒癮,憂柴憂米,還要面對叨嘮的老母、遠在美國搞移民的 妻子和莫名奇妙的女兒,只能與好友們打嘴砲過日辰,同步排遣陷入不倫戀的 徬徨與迷惘。說是發生在未來的寓言,在世紀疫症持續肆虐的當下,顯得十二 分應景,二十倍真實。環境災難快降臨,離留抉擇也逼在眉睫,詩人開始無法 區分虛構和現實,想像世界能否提供救贖的可能?人性最後是否值得信賴?

Escalating pollution levels and a deadly virus have transformed Tehran into a festering ghost town. Peyman is a poet and a heroin addict forced to quarantine with his mother, while his friends steadily move overseas. Peyman’s grip on reality begins to slip until the real world and his fantasies become indistinguishable. Part dystopian thriller, part commentary on the global pandemic, District Terminal keenly articulates the anxieties and shifting perspectives we have all endured over the past year.
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