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On Monday 30th of March, at the annual Hellenic Academy Awards, Xenia was happy to receive six (6) awards.

Best Costume designer for Vassilis Barbarigos

Best Editing Yorgos Lamprinos

Best Supporting Male Actor for Aggelos Papadimitriou

Best Original Script for Panos H. Koutras and Panayiotis Evangelidis

Best Director for Panos H. Koutras

and Best Picture

Panos H. Koutras and Panayiotis Evangelidis went on stage to receive their awards and after their thanking speech decided to leave the award in the hands of the Academy and take it home only when the law (which is under way) recognising second generation children and by which they are granted Greek citizenship, passes.

The same did Panos H. Koutras for his award and producers Heleni Kossyfidou and Alexandra Boussiou when they went up on stage to receive the award for Best Picture.

(In Greece, where the right of blood prevails, second generation children are not recognized officially by the State and they are not granted the Greek citizenship. This leads to their social exclusion and stigmatization as “others”. Xenia tells the story of two of these youngsters, Albanian-Greek brothers, Ody and Danny. They are played by Niko Gelia and Kosta Nikouli - two Albanian origin Greek actors.)

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