Country: Iraq, Italy, USA

Languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian

Color / DCP / 75 minutes / 2020 (post-production)

Kamal, a young Iraqi man entering Europe on foot through the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, is captured by Bulgarian border police but escapes, finding himself to search for a way out in a seemingly interminable forest, an underworld where rules and laws don’t exist, where he is wounded and chased by Bulgarian migrant hunters. For three days and three nights Kamal must fight for his life through a journey of survival until a final life-or-death confrontation.


Cast & Crew

Directed By: Haider Rashid

Written By: Sonia Giannetto, Haider Rashid

Picture: Jacopo Caramella

Cast: Adam Ali, Scetlana Yancheva, Mohamed Zouaoui, Michael Segal, Ivan Forlani, Ahmet Oztürk



Radical Plans



Post-Production Awards

Milano Film Network Proxima Award

Cairo Film Connection 1st Prize – OSN Network